Misc. Unsigned Bands - Shenanigans - Just My Luck Text Guitar Tab

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Capo 5th Fret
"A7" probably isn't the right name of the chord, but it will have to do.

[ch]D[/ch]|-x-| [ch]Em7[/ch]|-x-| [ch]G[/ch]|-x-| [ch]A7[/ch]|-x-|
 |-3-|    |-3-|  |-3-|   |-2-|
 |-2-|    |-0-|  |-0-|   |-0-|
 |-0-|    |-2-|  |-0-|   |-2-|
 |-x-|    |-2-|  |-2-|   |-0-|
 |-x-|    |-x-|  |-3-|   |-x-|

Intro: [ch]D[/ch] [ch]Em7[/ch] [ch]G[/ch] [ch]D[/ch] [ch]D[/ch] [ch]Em7[/ch] [ch]G[/ch] [ch]D[/ch]

When time slips away from me I
thought you would say "You're all mine."
I've got it good,
'cause you're right here with me,
and people I see are always
looking for peace among the,
[ch]G[/ch]                       [ch]D[/ch]
amputee of the blasphemy.

And I know it's getting hard,
take control and disregard.
When things are looking bad enough,
I get rid of all my luck.

Think of the things you always
wanted to be,

and found out,
[ch]G[/ch]                      [ch]D[/ch]
you're suddenly on the fiction side.
When things can't seem to get much
worst off than me,

I'll always,
[ch]G[/ch]                   [ch]D[/ch]
"Disagree" for our growing tide.

[Harmonica Solo]
Ends with D