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                             SONG NAME - Reason for living
Tabbed by:jimjamyahar


It's my first proper song i've wrote so take it easy on the comments.


thats the intro and verse.play it at a slowish pace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The chorus is the same chords but strummed e.g. G,Em7,C,D

the lyrics are as follows(p.s. these are copy righted just incase some smart arse 
to try and use it TM)

Verse 1
Know one really lives forever, thats the irony of it all.
knowbody knows why we live or die, we just let fate run it's course.
there's a star in that sky above and its watching over you, anyone you've ever loved and 
there watchin you too.
(start strumming on the last D)

cus there's no reason for living if there's nothing to die for,
people praying for salvation,others wondering what for.

(picking starts)

Verse 2
it's written on every face,thats the story of our lives.
the hurt the pain,love and suffering,i can see it in your eyes.
if you wish upon a star,does it come true?and everything that you
do in this life,one day it's comin back to you.

add Verse 1 onto the end and keep with the strumming then fade out.

have fun figuring it out and i'll let you know when i put the song onto my site so you 
ave a listen.(imagin that)