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Hey, the first tab i decided to publish actually is much different than my usual
stuff. This one has a kind of "beach feel" to it, and has an elementary chord
rogression. But it's a catchy tune, and i have a few fans who like it, so here it is:


D:  X X 0 11 10 10
G:  X X 0  7  8  7
A:  X X 0  6  5  5

Throughout the sing, the strumming pattern stays the same:

1 & - & - & - & 1 & - & - & -&...

Thats a down, up, up, up, up down up, up, up, up,... Kinda give it a jazzy feel though.

Well, anyway, the song is fairly quick, and the verses stream together
pretty closely. Here are the lyrics with the chords:



Verse 1

Spend all day, lying in bed,

Good Morning America playing in my head,

G                                            D
Sunlight streaming warmly through the window now.

   A                     G             D
My baby's got her head lying across my chest, and all is right with the


Verse 2

Breakfast is served in bed on a tray:

Homemade eggs, no Bojangles hot cakes,

G                                         D
Taking a forkful and placing it in your lovely mouth.

  A                    G                         D
I smile, birds chirp, church bells ring, and you blink the sleep out of

your gorgeous eyes.

Verse 3

Cell phone's off, the computer''s shut down,

No one's gonna ruin this perfect moment,

G                                                 D
All snuggled up in this soft, white, cotton wonderland.

A                G                  D
Nothing could be any beter than this.

Verse 4

Life's normal stressors left on the dresser,

I'm taking my time like my predecessors,

G                                                     D
Looking at life the way life deserves to be looked at.

        A                     G                     D
And the best point of view is under the sheets on a Sunday.

Its not much, but its pretty catchy. If anyone would like to hear it, email me
and I'll send a recording (once i get it recorded!) Gimme some feedback!

Derek S.