Standard (EADGBE)

Just a rainy day in my usual place

Where noone hears me

Been pulled off course again

Down by the water so I can feel free

Feel so alive now I´m here in my safety net

Y´know it´s like she calls me

Playin´ with my life again

Just playin´ with my time again

I´ve taken time with you & I´ve crossed lines for you

Won´t take this anymore

You gace my strength away

now you want me to try

& Stay here just for you

But I feel so alive when I´m down

By the water Y´know it´s like she needs me

Messin´ with my mind again

Just messin´ with my mind again

Another lazy day back in my usual place

Where no-one knows me

Been pulled off course again

I´ll stick with water where I can feel free

She gives me strength & She gives me space

Y´know it´s like she loves me

She´s lovin´ me a gain

She´s lovin´ me again