Monkees - Sunny Girlfriend Text Guitar Tab

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This is "Sunny Girlfriend" by the Monkees on the album Headquarters. It is written
and sung by Michael Nesmith.

This is the guitar intro. Dont worry if it doesn't sound exactly right, its meant
to be played on a 12 string guitar.

G            F   C           D  G            F  C            D


G                         F      C           G D G D
She owns and operates her own sunshine factory
G                     F         C        G D G D
Of painting smiles on dolls and then on me
C                        D              G  G
She's my sunny girlfriend and personality

G                           F           C           G   D G D
Well, she's got a book that tells about everybody's past
G                              F           C         G   D G  D
And she can make it slow while making your mind move fast
C                            D                 G
She's my sunny girlfriend and she is never last

F      D       G
Oh, while I am sleeping
F  D           G
Then she comes creeping
Em      Am
Into my thoughts at night
Em                  Am
Gazing down through eyes
             C       D
as bright as wonder

G                        F      C        G D G D
She can send you on your way to everywhere
G                  F         C                 G    D G D
She's only started after you think that she is there
C                             D                         G
Oh, she's my sunny girlfriend, and she just doesn't care
C                              D
Yeah, she's my sunny girlfriend, she doesn't really care.

G            F   C           D  G            F  C            D

Enjoy!!! RDK