Standard (EADGBE)

I can't stay

I can't explain

So I guess I'll sit back down and

Try to describe it again.

Someday I might see you on the freeway

At the end of the day

Driving your husband's new car

And my good mood away.

This indoor lifestyle

And the headaches you had as a child

My drinking and carrying on

That you say are wild.


Most of the time

My head is simply not in the clouds

And I don't often do something more

Than my mom would allow.

Girl I guess its over

We could say let's just be friends

But you know as well as I do

That every highway has two ends.


Boxes in the sand dunes

Reactors tucked away in the hills

The lampshades and the draperies

And that bottle of those little purple pills.

All this adds up

To a sum that is somebody else

We got down here together

But you'll have to climb out by yourself.

Chorus 2x