d#A#F#C#G#D#1Intro***RSE Recommended!***=12944234567891011121314151617Well I don't7718Verse 0:30 know where they come from,7777757719but they sure do come7577520I hope they're coming for me777577211027722And I don't know how they do it,77777577237but they do it real good577524I hope they do it for free7775772577726Chorus 0:45They give me CAT SCRATCH FEVER774552728CAT SCRATCH FEVER745529First time that I got it I was…7730Verse 0:537777757731thirteen years old!75775327Pussy cat livin' next door7777577332And I went to see the doctor and…77…he347777757735put me on hold7577536He said there wasn't no cure7775773777He said it's CAT SCRATCH…7…FEVER38Chorus 1:08774553940CAT SCRATCH FEVER74554142CAT SCRATCH FEVER74554344CAT SCRATCH FEVER74554546Bridge 1:22I'm not in danger,1110111011101110111047I'm not in pain,8787878748I'm moving like1110111011101413111049a train8750You know you got it 'cause it makes you…111011101110141311101110…insane511110878711108752It makes you want to do it, 111011101110111011101110531211wasting my brain12111211121112115455Solo 1:3956575859606162636465666768697071727Well I make that kitten happy773Verse 2:147777757with the tongue and the…7…hand7475775757She wave her tail at me7775777627777She knows just where to come to find a sensitive777775777875man775797I give it to her for free775778077They give me CAT SCRATCH FEVER781Chorus 2:28774558283CAT SCRATCH FEVER74558485CAT SCRATCH FEVER74558687CAT SCRATCH FEVER74558889CAT SCRATCH FEVER745590555591555592FEVER30309330309430959615121512151215121512151297Outro 2:58129CAT SCRATCH FEVER15124559899CAT SCRATCH FEVER7455100101CAT SCRATCH FEVER7455102103CAT SCRATCH FEVER7455104105CAT SCRATCH FEVER7455106107CAT SCRATCH FEVER7455108109CAT SCRATCH FEVER7455110111CAT SCRATCH FEVER7455112113114115116117118119120121122123124Track can be converted to a standard tuning (R)