Standard (EADGBE)

So this [c] is goodbye more or less

Things have changed alot I guess

in such a mess and so out of hand

Things went pretty much as you planned

It was so hazy [f] 'til my eyes had cleared

I can see better but it still looks weird

is that still you lying there Icannot find

ypu anywhere

The next verse goes the same, but different lyrics, of


I still don't understand this episode

or why you led us down that road

but I think you knew where it would lead

and how some things would come over me

I still don't know just what it was

I guess nobody ever really does

Why do they do the things the do?

Why did I have to follow you?


Deep deep down

Where it isn't safe to be

cos I beat you there and now its

coming after me

Verse 3

You always were an angel in my eyes

now more than ever the term applies

The eyes still see what the soul believes

and you look so pretty underneath the leaves

and though we par forever now

I feel you'll be with me somehow

I believe in God you know you're still

my angel and I love you so


Deep Deep Down,

pretty as the scenery

You're lying under it

but I feel you're watching over me

Verse 4

Now I've got to tear myself away

cos they'll just find me if I stay

They wouldn't understand what we've been through

or how I did it all for you

all to show you how I cared

It was the last thing we ever shared together

and i'll cherish the memory

and i'll carry a piece of you round with me

Chorus, once again:

Deep Deep down

Where I'm not supposed to be

cos I buried you there

and now they're coming after me.....

All of the chords are the same the whole way through,

hope you liked it.

Submitted by Tom Saunders, Leicester, England.