Nada Surf - When I Was Young Text Guitar Tab

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I hope you'll find your pleasure here. These are not the true names of the chords (like
AmD7: i totally created it but the finger position should be correct).

Cheers from Belgium,

Aurel Crumble

Nada surf - when I was young

C [332010] G/C [320010] Em [022000] Am [022100]-AmD7 [200210]

It's amazing how much time love saves you at first
When you rediscover your reason to work
And your aimless dreaming has found a target and
You normalize and greet all function returned

e|--------------|     ------------------|        ----------------|
B|-----0--------|     ------0-----------|        -------0--------|
G|---------0----|     ----------5-------|        -----------5----|
D|-------5------|x4   --------5---------|x4      ---------5------| x8
A|---3----------|     ----3-------------|        ----------------|
E|--------------|     ------------------|        -----3----------|

Came home early, a quarter to two
I don't need more wine, I'm coming for you

We carry pictures in our pretend wallets
Of ourselves in heavily edited seventies
With better handwriting and longer days at the park
And dinners with no drama, the Professor, and Mary Ann

Came home early, a quarter to two
I don't need more wine, I'm coming for you

e|-------------|       -------------|        -------------|
B|----0--------|       ----0--------|        -----0-------|
G|--------5----|       --------5----|        ---------5---|
D|------5------|x2     ------5------|x2      -------5-----| x4
A|-------------|       -------------|        -------------|
E|--3----------|       --5----------|        ---0---------|

C [332010] - G [320033] - F [133211] - Am [x02210]

When I was young
I didn't know if I was better off asleep or up
Now I've grown up
I wonder what was that world I was dreaming of? (x2)


Late summer return
Airless apartment I lean out the window
Deals on the regular shirts
Same fright delight as last year more so

Chorus ...