Neil Diamond - Solitary Man Text Guitar Tab

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   Em/G                                            Em

Em                  Am      G           Em         Em
Me-lin-da was mine,'til the time that I found her.
G        Em      G       Em
Hold-ing Jim,    Lov-ing him.
Em                    Am       G                     Em         Em    G
Then Sue came a-long, loved me strong, that's what I thought.
G      Em       G              Em      Em    Am     C    G
Me and Sue,      But that died too.

Chorus 1

G                 C            G         D          D
Don't know that I will, but un-til I can find me.
D               C         G                   D         D
The girl who'll stay, and won't play games be-hind me.
D                  Em        D              Em        D            Em
And I'll be what I am.         A sol-i-tary man,        sol-i-tary man.

Em                   Am    G              Em          Em      G
I've had it to here, bein' where love's a small word
G         Em      G       Em
Part time thing,    paper ring.
Em                     Am     G                        Em     G
I know it's been done, havin' one girl who loves you.
G        Em        G       Em      Em      Am      C    G
Right or wrong,    weak or strong.

Chorus 2

Em      G     Asus4    Am

Em      G     Asus4    Am    C     G

Chorus 3

Em  D        Em      D          Em    Em    D      Em   D          Em
Umm-umm--umm-umm,    sol-i-tary man,  Umm-umm--umm-umm, sol-i-tary man. R&F

Tabbed from Neil Diamond  The Greatest Hits.

I've had it to here, bein' where love's a small word.