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eBGDAE1=156442Intro C3D4G5G6C F/C C7D G/D D8G9G10C No, no, no, no8881011D no, no, no10101012G no1013G14C15D16G17G Well we3318Verse G can't take her this333319G week - and her33320G friends don't want another33333321G speech322C hopin for a better day111111323D to hear what she's333324G gotta say30025 All about that333326Chorus Personality11111327D crisis - you got it while3333328G it was hot30029 but now3330C frustration and111131D heartache is what you got33333332G033G That's why they talk about the333333334C personality3333535D personality3333336G37G38C39D40G41G But342Verse G now you're tryin to be somethin333350043G Now you gotta do somthin333350044G Wanna be someone who33333345G counts - but you're3333346C thinkin bout the times you did111111347D they took every ounce3333348G049G Well it3350C sure got to be a1111151D shame when you got to33333352G scream and shout33353G You got to33354C contradict all those1111155D times you butter333356G flied about - You was 30000057G butterflyin - bout a00033581Chorus C personality cri11111359D sis - you got it while3333360G it was hot33361G It's always hot - You know it's131033362C frustration and 111163D heartache is what you got33333364G065G I'm talkin about01110166C personality3003167D Yeah, yeah yeah00068G Ow!069G70C71D72G73G74C75D=14676G=15677G And you're a33378Bridge C prima ballerina on a1131111179D spring afternoon333380G081G82C Change on into the wolf11111383D man howling at33384G at the moon ah300085ooo - Got a333862C personality3111187D wond'rin how celebrities333333388G ever meet - lookin 3003389G fine on television31311190Chorus C Personality cri11111391D sis - you got it while3333392G it was hot33393G It's always hot - you know that110333394C frustration and 111195D heartache is all you3333396G got - Oh30197G don't ya worry - it's just a313333398C personality cri11555399D sis - please don't cry2414100G101G It's just a333102C personality cri115553103D sis - Please don't241104G stop4105G because you333106C walk with personality - talk33333335107D with personality555557108G=156109G=138
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