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eBGDAE1=142442345678910I can pretend 24211for you 2512that I 1213mean every553414word said01341512it's true 2516that I'd 1217probably rather553418013419be5520like a4521stranger in89672267disguise102392425And act as if6759726nothing ever97527Died or faded away710972829got lonelier with age5975304311232And time isn't on our side5757933I'm sorry to take 5579734the thoughts that keep you awake 757910935And make it seem like they're97910121036oOoverrated 95737You certainly talk 5579738about me more75when4539I fall down57101089674041And when I get up 5579742my time is never enough757910943Loved in front behind97910121044my back hated 95745 guess it has everything 4444446to do with luck44454147248495051525354I can defend24255the truth2556but I sound1257 like white553458 noise to01345912 my friends2560As I 1261raise my glass553462 to you 0134635564In a 4565stupor we 896766speak words 67106796869That couldn't be6759770more honest 97571Lies we lived before 710977273are fights without a war 597574I'm dead 4751276when it's in your head 5757977I'm starting to think 5579778that all the buoys we sink 757910979Are cutting our chances of 97910121080being saved 95781I see that the end 5579782is all we have 754583to let us know57101089678485I'd like to believe 5579786in something more than a dream757910987For when the will to be 97910121088one has faded 95789I guess the777990 truth will soon be deceived 1097591My friend that isn't there 559234553401931294My solitaire545955969798
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