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eBGDAE1=12044234=14556789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930313233343536373839404142434445464748=12049505152Intro:=14553545556575859606162636465666768Riff A:69707114167244737475The3141676Verse 1:queen sent out a message, she55355534477heard a - bout the531078ri - ng1079mmmm... With53380powers that no man, that55355381no man would dare to55355382fa - ce...3(5)(3)183The384warrior headed north,5535585riding through the night a -55353186- lone...01028788Searching night & day for the553553589sec - ret of the535590ring...33191392Pre-Chorus:The sec - ret22193of the le - gend102094lives for -5395- ever...010296The legend2197brought the queen to -313198- ge - ther...531995100Chorus:In from the202101dark - ness the524102warr - i - or re-5442103- turned and the024104ring that he542105held in his025106hand, had the245107po - wers To445108freeze the5677109world, while the44(2)(2)2244110queen would bring564422111madness4401112It's the2256113ring of5644114steel56115A2116Verse 2:new day is rising, the553553117queen is laughing5310118still...33113119mmmmmmm... The533120ring that she wears5355121it's the e - vil it -355353122self...3531123124Pre-Chorus:The sec - ret221125of the le - gend1020126lives for -53127- ever...0102128The legend21129brought the queen to -3131130- ge5131 - ther...5132Chorus:In from the202133dark - ness the524134warr - i - or re-5442135- turned and the024136ring that he542137held in his025138hand, had the245139po - wers To445140freeze the5677141world, while the44(2)(2)2244142queen would bring564422143madness4401144It's the2256145ring of5644146steel56147=125148Interlude:=75149150151152153154155156Solo:157158159160241614416216316424165Interlude B:=14544166167168169170171172173Verse 3:=145The ring was222174founded a - gain by the01141175rightful own - ers2244176strong demand211177The queen is222178laughing still211179out of con -212180- trol4181182183184Chorus:In from the202185dark - ness the524186warr - i - or re-5442187- turned and the024188ring that he542189held in his025190hand, had the245191po - wers To445192freeze the5677193world, while the44(2)(2)2244194queen would bring564422195madness4401196It's the2256197ring of5644198steel56199200It's the25201ring...5202of4203Outro:steel5204(4)20552064542072208209210211212213214215216217218219220221222223224225226
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