eBGDAE1=1104423456789Can’t you see my soul3333310worn on the second sleeve02313It’s 311going up for sale33333as112 soon as it gets saved44331Interrogation blues, 3130231314once again I lose0231315You don’t get to 4444magnify my 313316insecurities1112017You don’t get to 4444site and save my 313318unhip-ocracies111311920Take two placebos 66666then 321you can call me lame4443322Walk some in my shoes 66666then323tell me to fuck off4443324My oversized hat 66636won’t fit 1325your humongous head4443426=97276428=110442930243144323334353637Take me to a cave, 3333338where I can’t be seen0231339Solace makes the heart, 3333340pump adrenaline44331I’m 341sick of being used,02313 time and again betrayed3420231343Give a man a key, 44443he cannot 13344not open the door1113145Give him something 4444free and he’ll 313346sell it to the poor111204748Take two placebos 66666then 349you can call me lame4443350Walk some in my shoes 66666then351tell me that I’m fucked4443352My humongous hat66636won’t fit 1353your gigantic head444336454=974455565758=110596024614462=123Change tuning (R)