Nosiettes - Sometimes Text Guitar Tab

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Tabbed by: kkoala211

So this is my first tab..only an intro but I think I got it down. I looked
around for a tab or sheet music, but it seems this is the first! I can't hear the other
parts of the song very well so I don't think I can tab the rest of the song.. Hopefully
someone who has a better ear than mine will take some time to tab this wonderful song 
entirely. Please email me if you find a tab for this song!

Capo 4rd Fret

B |-----0-----0------0--|-----1-----1-----1--|-------0----------2--0-----------|
G |---------------------|--------------------|-----1---1-----3-----------------|
D |---------------------|--3-----3-----3-----|----------2-------------1-----1--|
A |--2-----2------2-----|--------------------|------------------4--2-----2-----|