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eBGDAE1Intro=112442345678910111213141516Verse 1Wash your face in the2302017morning sun23018Flash your pen in the song2300219that I'm singing022020Touch down bass living 2302021on the run23022Make no sweat of the hole2300223that you're digging..02202425262728Verse 2Wrap up cold when it's2302029warm outside23030Your shit jokes remind2300231me of Digsy's022032Be my magic 2302033carpet ride23034Fly me down to ca-2300235pital city in the sun.02202036337383940Chorus 1Kicking up a storm3320041From the day20342that I was born32004344Sing a song for me33200One345from Let It Be320046Open up your eyes33200Get a2047grip on yourself inside20300248495051So052Verse 3wash your face in the2302053morning sun23054Flash your pen in the song2300255that I'm singing022056Touch down bass living2302057on the run23058Make no sweat of the hole2300259that you're digging0220060Chorus 2Kicking up a storm3320061From the day20362that I was born32006364Sing a song for me33200One365from Let It Be320066Open up your eyes get a 332002067grip on yourself inside20300268Middle 869...inside227071...inside227273,,,inside227475You betcha!0007677787980818283You betcha!00084858687So088Verse 4Wrap up cold when it's2302089warm outside23090Please sit down you make2300291me feel giddy022092Be my magic 2302093carpet ride23094Fly me down 230to Ca-0295pital City0220096Chorus 3Kicking up a storm3320097From the day20398that I was born320099100Sing a song for me33200One3101from Let It Be3200102Open up your eyes get a3320020103grip on yourself inside203002104Outro1051061071081091101111121131141153311633331173333118333311922212012122212212322212412522212612733128333312933331303333131222132Final133134135136137138
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