eBGDAE1Intro=824423456789Verse 1How many special people change?4242424210How many lives are living strange?4242432211Where were you while we were getting high?422224442full1213Slowly walking down the hall,422424214faster than a cannon-ball422232215Where were you while we were getting high?422224442full16Someday you will252417Chorus 1find me, caught beneath the land-242552518-slide,4full2in a cham-24219-pagne supernova in the sky22322442full20Someday you will252421find me, caught beneath the land-242552522-slide,4full2in a cham-24223-pagne supernova, a22322224champagne supernova in the sky222322442full2526272829Verse 2Wake up the dawn and ask her why a42424242230dreamer dreams, she never dies422232231Wipe that tear away now from your eye422224442full3233Slowly walking down the hall,422424234faster than a cannon-ball422232235Where were you while we were getting high?422222221½36252437Chorus 2find me, caught beneath the land-242552538-slide,4full2in a cham-24239-pagne supernova in the sky22322442full40Someday you will252441find me, caught beneath the land-242552542-slide,4full2in a cham-24243-pagne supernova, a22322244champagne supernova, 'cause222322245Bridge 1people believe that they're32422246gonna get away for the sum-3232335347-mer248But249you and I, we'll never die, the3232323250world's still spinning around, we don't know why,32332323555152why, why, why, why3222453Break 125455565758596061Verse 3How many special people change?4242424262How many lives are living strange?4242432263Where were you while we were getting high?422224442full6465Slowly walking down the hall,422424266faster than a cannon-ball422232267Where were you while we were getting high?422222221½68Someday you will252469Chorus 3find me, caught beneath the land-242552570-slide,4full2in a cham-24271-pagne supernova in the sky22322442full72Someday you will252473find me, caught beneath the land-242552574-slide,4full2in a cham-24275-pagne supernova, a22322276champagne supernova, 'cause222322277Bridge 2people believe that they're32422278gonna get away for the summer3232333557980But281you and I, we'll never die, the3232323282world's still spinning around, we don't know why,32332323558384why, why, why, why322285Guitar Solo8687888990919293949596979899100101102103Break 2104105106107108109110111OutroHow many special people change?42424242112How many lives are living strange?42424322113Where were you while we were getting high?422224442full114we were getting high24442full115we were getting high24442full116we were getting high22224full1172we were getting high24442full118we were getting high22222119120121122=61123124=82125