eBGDAE1=82442345Slip inside the eye of your mind,57757557657Don't you know you might find757557757a better place to play75757589You said that you'd never been,57575571057But all the things that you've seen57575571155are gonna fade away7575751213So I'll start a revolution from my757575757514bed,5'Cause you5515said the brains I had went to my7575757516head,517Step outside, summertime's in7575757518bloom,519Stand up beside the fireplace,7757575720Take that look from off your face,577575521You ain't ever gonna burn my5775757522heart out575237524=8225So, Sally can wait,8686526She knows it's too late5757527as I'm walking on by,7575552875Her529soul slides away,868530But don't look back555831in anger, I heard you say57557553233343536Take me to the place where you go,577575573757Where nobody knows575573801if it's night or day575753940Please don't put your life in the hands577575574157of a rock 'n' roll band7575574255who'll throw it all away7575754344So I'll start a revolution from my757575757545bed,5Because you57546said the brains I had went to my7575757547head,548Step outside, summertime's in757757549bloom,550Stand up beside the fireplace,7757575751Take that look from off your face,5775755'Cause…552you ain't never gonna burn my5575757553heart out7554755556So, Sally can wait,8686557She knows it's too late5757558as I'm walking on by,7575555975Her560soul slides away,868561But don't look back555862in anger, I heard you say57557556364656667686970717273747576So, Sally can wait,8686577She knows it's too late5757578as I'm walking on by,7575557975Her580soul slides away,868581But don't look back555882in anger, I heard you say57557558384So, Sally can wait,8686585She knows it's too late5757586as I'm walking on by,7575558775Her588soul slides away,868589But don't look back555890in anger,575Don't look back55891in anger,47592I heard you say5755939495=66At least not today551259612full121097Change tuning (R)