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eBGDAE1Drum Intro=85382443(And two, and three, and four...)456Verse 1Paint no illusion02042Try to427click with what'cha got44½4228Taste every potion02242'Cos if yer2429like yerself a lot44½422Go let it out4½42210Go let it in4½42211Go let it out24½42212(Pick up the bass)1314Verse 2Life is precocious02042In the4215most peculiar way44½42216Sister psycosis020424217got a lot to say44½422Go let it out4½42218Pre Chorus 1Go let it in4½42219She go let it out24½4222021Go let it out4½42222Go let it in4½42223She go let it out!!!24½422242526Chorus 1Is it any wonder why Prin-3333111227ces and Kings22328Are clowns that caper in their333111129sawdust rings22330Ordinary people that are3333111131like you and me2223We're the1332keepers of their destiny636366333We're the1334keepers of their destiny6363661335303637I'm goin'0038Verse 3leaving this city02042I'm goin'24239drivin' outta town44½42240You're coming with me02042The right 4241time is always now44½422Go let it out4½42242Bridge 2Go let it in4½42243To go let it out...24½4224445Go let it out4½42246Go let it in4½42247To go let it out...24½42448524950Chorus 2Is it any wonder why Prin-3333111251ces and Kings22352Are clowns that caper in their333111153sawdust rings22354Ordinary people that are3333111155like you and me2223We're the1356builders of their destiny136366357We're the1358builders of their destiny636366359We're the1360builders of their destiny636366361We're the1362builder of their destiny6363661363Bridge6465666768697071Go let it out9½97772Chorus 3Go let it in9½97773To go let it out79½97774Go let it in9½97775Go let it out9½97776Go let it in9½97777Go let it out79½97778Go let it in9½97779Don't let it in, don't let it in!!!9½9779½97780Solo6818283848586878889Outro90919293949596979899100
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