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eBGDAE1Intro=12544234567891011121314151617Verse 1Say2some-018thing2shout it from the200219rooftops of your head0202220Make it sort of242421mean2some-022thing2Make me unders-200223tand or I'll forget0202224The people here on2242425life's2bea-026ches2They wish upon the2200227waves that hide the sand0202228Let me know that242429Life 2tea-030ches2You to build a200231castle in your hand0202232Maybe the songs202333Bridge 1that we sing are wro-2202034ng.2Maybe the dreams202335that we dream are go-2202036ne.2Bring it on home202337and I won't be lo-2202038ooong20239It's gettin' better, man!!!202010240Chorus 141Hey!, what was that you said to002200042me0243Just say the word and I'll be002200044free0245And where the stars are shining002200046bright2047We're gettin' better, man!!!20201024849And crashing in upon the002200050wave0251It's calling out beyond the002200052grave0253And we're the fire in the 002200054sky2055We're gettin' better, man!!!20201025657585960616263646566Verse 2Build2some-467thing2build a better 200268place and call it home0202269Even if it242470means2no-471thing2You'll never ever2200272feel that you're alone0202273Maybe the songs202374Bridge 2that we sing are wro-2202075ng.2Maybe the dreams202376that we dream are go-2202077ne.2Bring it on home202378and I won't be lo-2202079ooong20280It's gettin' better, man!!!202010281Chorus 282Hey!, what was that you said to002200083me0284Just say the word and I'll be002200085free0286And where the stars are shining002200087bright2088We're gettin' better, man!!!20201028990And crashing in upon the002200091wave0292It's calling out beyond the002200093grave0294And we're the fire in the 002200095sky2096We're gettin' better, man!!!2020102979899100101102103104105Solo106107108109110111112113114115116117118119120121122123124125126127128It's gettin' better, man!!!2020102129Chorus 3130Hey!, what was that you said to0022000131me02132You told me one day I'd be0022000133free02134And when the fire's burning0022000135bright20136I'm gettin' better, man!!!2020102137138And crashing in upon the0022000139wave02140It's calling out beyond the0022000141grave02142And we're the fire in the 0022000143sky20144We're gettin' better, man!!!2020102145146Hey!, what was that you said to0022000147me02148Just say the word and I'll be0022000149free02150And where the stars are shining0022000151bright20152We're gettin' better, man!!!2020102153154And crashing in upon the0022000155wave02156It's calling out beyond the0022000157grave02158And we're the fire in the 0022000159sky20160We're gettin' better, man!!!2020102161Outro162We're gettin' better, man!!!2020102163164We're gettin' better, man!!!2020102165166We're gettin' better, man!!202010167168We're gettin' better, man!!!2020102169170We're gettin' better, man!!!2020102171172We're gettin' better, man!!!2020102173174We're gettin' better, man!!202010175176We're gettin' better, man!!!2020102177178We're gettin' better, man!!!2020102179180We're gettin' better, man!!!2020102181182We're gettin' better, man!!202010183184We're gettin' better, man!!!2020102185186We're gettin' better, man!!!2020102187188We're gettin' better, man!!!2020102189190We're gettin' better, man!!202010191192We're gettin' better, man!!!2020102193194195196197198
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