eBGDAE1Intro=90442345Verse 1Maybe30I don't036really wanna know02202how your gar-2227-den grows22'Cause I228just wanna fly22029Lately30Did you3310ever feel the pain02202in the morn-22211-ing rain22as it soaks22212you to the bone220213Chorus 1Maybe I just wanna fly300030014Wanna live, I don't wanna die3000030015Maybe I just wanna breathe300033016Maybe I just don't believe300033017Maybe you're the same as me300033018We see things they'll never30003019see0You and I, we're gonna live forev-30303033720-er021I said0322Verse 2maybe30I don't0323really wanna know02202how your gar-22024-den grows12'Cause I2025just wanna fly3232103226Lately30Did you3327ever feel the pain02202in the morn-22028-ing rain22as it soaks22029you to the bone220230Chorus 2Maybe I will never be300030031all the things that I wanna be3000030032Now is not the time to cry300033033Now's the time to find out30003334why0I think you're the same as me300033035We see things they'll never30003036see0You and I, we're gonna live forev-30303033737-er03839Guitar Solo4041424344454647484950515253545556Verse 3Maybe30I don't0357really wanna know02202how your gar-22258-den grows22'Cause I2259just wanna fly220260Lately30Did you3361ever feel the pain02202in the morn-22062-ing rain22as it soaks22063you to the bone220264Chorus 3Maybe I just wanna fly300030065Wanna live, I don't wanna die3000030066Maybe I just wanna breathe300033067Maybe I just don't believe300033068Maybe you're the same as me300033069We see things they'll never30003070see0You and I, we're gonna live forev-30303033771-er072We're gonna live forev-03033773-er074We're gonna live forev-03033775-er076We're gonna live forev-00300377-er078We're gonna live forev-00300379-er080We're gonna live forev-00300381-er082We're gonna live forev-00300383-er084Outro8586878889909192939495969798=7599100