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eBGDAE13Drum Intro=6744234567Verse 1I can give a hundred million rea-2020202028sons0To build a barricade120024full910I011blame it on the changing of the sea-20202020012sons2The thoughts that I've conveyed121024full131415Pre-Chorus 1Does it make it alright?4440201617It doesn't make it all right04440201819Chorus 1To roll it over my 042200so-220ul02Leave me44here...0212223Roll it over my3¼2200so-224ul02Leave me44here...025262728Verse 2Look around at all the plastic peo-20202020229ple.0Who live without a care120024full303132Try to sit with me around my ta-20202020033ble2But never bring a chair120024full343536Pre-Chorus 2Does it make it alright?4440203738It doesn't make it all right04440203940Chorus 2To roll it over my 042200so-241ul02Leave me44here...0424344Roll it over my3¼2200so-245ul02Leave me44here...0464748Solo49505152535455565758596061626364656667686970Chorus 3To roll it over my 042200so-271ul02Leave me44here...0727374Roll it over my3¼2200so-275ul02Leave me44here...076771782Bridge79808182Outro8384855x8687888990
Shift pitch (R)