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eBGDAE1Intro=8744234567891011Verse 1Made a meal and threw it up303030412on Sunday, I've020013got a lot of things to learn02020221415Said I would and I'll be30303316leaving one day, be-4020017-fore my heart starts to burn0300031819Bridge 1So what's the matter with you30303032021Sing me something new3331022And don't you know the cold20220223and wind and rain don't know, they0202020024only seem to come and go away202020203252627Verse 2Times are hard when things they30303328got no meaning, I've4020029found a key upon the floor02020223031Maybe you and I will30303332not believe in the4020033things we find behind the door030303033435Bridge 2So what's the matter with you30303033637Sing me something new3331038And don't you know the cold20220239and wind and rain don't know, they0202020040only seem to come and go away202020203414243Chorus 1Stand by me00244Nobody knows03024502the way it's gonna be000000463447Stand by me0024448Nobody knows03024902the way it's gonna be000000503451Stand by me0024452Nobody knows03025302the way it's gonna be000000543455Stand by me0024456Nobody knows0202570058Yeah, nobody knows00202590060The way it's gonna be...000000616263Verse 3If you're leaving, will you30303364take me with you, I'm4020265tired of talking on my phone02020026667There is one thing I can30303368never give you, my4020069heart can never be your home030303037071Bridge 3So what's the matter with you30303037273Sing me something new3331074And don't you know the cold20220275and wind and rain don't know, they0202020076only seem to come and go away202020203777879Chorus 2Stand by me00280Nobody knows03028102the way it's gonna be000000823483Stand by me0024484Nobody knows03028502the way it's gonna be000000863487Stand by me0024488Nobody knows03028902the way it's gonna be000000903491Stand by me0024492Nobody knows0202930094Yeah, nobody knows00202950096the way it's gonna be00000097Middle Eight98The way it's gonna b-20330099-e, yeah320100'Cause maybe I can se-203300101-e, yeah320102And don't you know the cold202202103and wind and rain don't know, they02020200104only seem to come and go away202020203105106107Chorus 3Stand by me002108Nobody knows030210902the way it's gonna be00000011034111Stand by me00244112Nobody knows030211302the way it's gonna be00000011434115Stand by me00244116Nobody knows030211702the way it's gonna be00000011834119Stand by me00244120Nobody knows020212100122Yeah, nobody knows0020212300124the way it's gonna be000000125=70126127128
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