eBGDAE1=120442345678910111213Heavy Riff1415161718192021Why do we love, and why do we hate?555533322Why do we live at all55555223Looking at the scars youve caused,555533324How youve burdened me so far!555552525Why have you entrusted me?555533326With the sacred keeping of...55555227The sacred keeping of our lives!555533328The one with all our hearts555552529Rest Riff30You have caused us all of our pain555555553132With your whips and all of your chains555555553334But no more will you hunt for us555555553536For we are not the lesser of mankind5555555537Heavy RiffYou have run us all out lives555533338Running us threw the fields55555239Making us work and making us neel555533340To all your forbidden needs555552541But no more will i work for you555533342With your evil and mysterious ways55555243Its time for me to live this place555533344Its time to Dance With The Devil555552545Guitar Solo4647484950515253Refrain5455Its time for him to show Himself...555533356His unruly, and hatred face?!55555257Born with the mark upon his head 555533358He's ready to take his place...555552559Watch out now cause here he comes...555533360To end this holy war55555261Now its time for him to rule...555533362To banquish all our souls!!!!!!!!!!!!55555256364Dance with the devil555556566Dance with the devil5555556768Come on all and dance with the devil555555556970Come and see what waits inside for 5555555571YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!22072