Opposite Zero - Shattered Glass Text Guitar Tab

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This song we wrote is in drop D tuning and it's a easy
song..so remember the DADGBE

--------------------              ----------
-----------------55-     (Verses) ----55-77- 
-7777--------44--55-       5x's   ----55-77-
-7777--7777--44--55-              ----55-77- 3x's
-5555--7777--22--55-              ----55-77-
-------5555------55-              ----55-77-
                                1. If I should stay..
                                2. When I'm gone...

---22222-55555-5/7-555555--   (Chorus)
---22222-55555-5/7-555555--     3x's

--55-777-77-22-55-       (Bridge)


1st Verse:
I'm all alone
Noone can see my feelings
all along
I locked them deep inside
Walking on shattered glass
Looking at my past
knowing whats wrong in my life
Trying tofigure out 
if I should stay(if I should stay)

2nd Verse:
Watching the broken peices 
As they fall to the floor
Leaving you but I'm not slamming the door
In your face-it's a disgrace
That I'm leaving you behind
Tell me lies that you'll miss me when I'm gone..

Chorus:I'm saying good-bye the old fashioned way
you know why it's hard to explain cause you know
I'm gonna miss you and die.

I make you laugh make you smile
I rode my bike a kazillion miles 
Make a wish hope it would come true
and If not I'll make it up to you

Tabbed & Written by:Chris Zampella