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eBGDAE1=1004429970340000000000000000500000000000000006From the islands to the cities, 00000000000000007from the ports into the sea00000000000000008We are strong, 553442759we will always be...000000000000000010Blazing through the wreckage,000000000000000011burning all we see..000000000000000012The life we lead, committed to be free.. 55344275let ring1322000000000000000014Our union is a fortress!775557755555535315Together we are bound9777977777757516A common bound in freedom, and in sound!!553XXX42X751797018So raise your voices high!775557755XXX5535319For miles around to hear.9777977777757520Let them know, we are drawing near...553XXX42X75219707522In union we stand,999723As they! blaze across the land!!5555724 In union, we make a final stand....99XXX553X77525970In…75…union we stand,26999As they!727 blaze across the land!!555577528In union, we make a final stand....9XXX553X77529997030000000000000000031000000001514131211109876543212let ring32A peaceful co-existance,22000000000000000033 is droping out of sight.000000000000000034So band together, together we will fight.55344275352000000000000000036Blasting the resistance,000000000000000037 marching to the top.0000000000000They started this, we say when it stops.0003855344275392000000000000000040Strike fear within their hearts!7555755555535341Strike down those in your way.9777977777757542Let them know, that we live, today!!553XXX42X754397044They throw us into flames7555755555535345Did not hear our cries.977797777775But now 7546from the ashes we arise...553XXX42X75479707548In union we stand999 As they! 749 blaze across the land!!5555750In union, we make a final stand....99XXX553X7755190127552In union we stand999 As they! 753 blaze across the land!!555577554In union, we make a final stand....9XXX553X7755599705675557555555353579777977777757558553XXX42X75599706075557555555353619777977777757562553XXX42X756397064In union we stand,7565997997997As they! blaze across the land!!775665535535535537757567In union, we make a final stand....99709970XXX553X77568970In union we stand,756999799799777570As they! blaze across the land!!5535535535537757571In union, we make a final stand....9970XXX553X7757299773In union we stand,999774As they! blaze across the land!!5555775In union, we make a final stand....99XXX553X775769707577In union we stand,999 As they! blaze across the land!!778555577579In union, we make a final stand....9XXX553X775809707581IN UNION WE STAND99799799777582As they! blaze across the land!!553553553553775758399784In union, we make a final stand....55377585997086
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