Standard (EADGBE)

Verse 1

There are no unlockable doors

there are no unwinable wars

there are no unrightable wrongs

or unsingable songs

there are no unbeatable odds

there are no beliveable gods

there are no unameable names

should i say it again yeah

there are no impossible dreams

there are no invisible seams

each night when the day is through

i dont ask much i just want you

i just want you

Verse 2

There are no uncriminal crimes

there are no unrhymable rhymes

there are no identical twins

or forgivable sins

there are no incurable ills

there are no unkillable thrills

one thing and you know its true

i dont ask much i just want you

I just want you x4

im sick and tired of being sick and tired

i used to go to bed so high and wired yeah, yeah yeah yeah

i think i'll buy myself some plastic water

I think i should of married lennon's daughter yeah, yeah yeah yeah

(Same chords as verse 1 and 2)