eBGDAE1Intro=12544234567891011First Verse12131415Wish i could see you for one last time2356535166217wish i could say good bye to you2356535186519it's hard to deal with your dyin25532035221it's time to say goodbye to you2356535226523Chorusbloody face35224kissin death35225walkind thru 35226barbed wire35327i let you go235228let me go35229diggin thru35530myself35331i would die35232die for you35233i walk right thru235234barbed wire35335Second Versegood luck in your next56535366237walk as tall as the trees356535386539be gentle as springs winds25534035241and have the warmth of the summer sun2356535426543Chorusbloody face35244kissin death35245walking thru35246barbed wire35347i let you go235248let me go35249diggin thru35550myself35351i would die35252die for you35253i walk right thru 235254barbed wire35355Breaki blame myself235256for your death35257standing me 235258apart355960616263Solo 6465666768697071oooooooohhhh¡¡¡¡5353725i'm dying for you3735374575yes i would55763yes i would30773yes, i would3780379let you go35280let me go35281diggin thru35282myself35383Outrobloody face35284kissin death35285walking trhu35286=85barbed wire353187yeah, yeah.............20208889