Patrick Wolf - Accident Emergency Chords

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So come on

Give me the worst and then again

I'm feeling braver than I've ever been

From the skull down to the feet

all out for blood and sweat and meat and for

Accident & Emergency

Terrorist, Catastrophy

Dump this agony and misery

give me

Accident and Emergency

So what happens when you lose everythin'

You just carry on and with a grin,


For all that lovelife has to bring,

And just get yourself back into the ring,

Knock us out,


Accident and Emergency,



From this agony and misery,

Hold on for

Accident and Emergency

'Coz if you never lose,

How you gonna know when you've won

And if it's never dark,

How you gonna know the sun,

When it shines,

Got to let it shine,

, x2

Accident and Emegency x5

Bringing out,

The best in me