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1=144StxStxStxStx442BxHxHfH3BxHxHfH4BxHfH5BxHxHfH6BxHfH7BxHxHfH8BxHfH9BxHxHfH10B Late afternoonxHxH11xHxH12dreaming hotelxHxH13xHxH14E6 just had a quarrelxHxH15 thatxHxH16B sent you awayxHxH17 I wasxHxH18F#6 looking for youxHxHfH19E6 are youxHxH20B gone gone?xHxHfH21B E6 D6xHFTBDFTFTFTBD22B Called you on the phonefHBDfHBD23xHBDfHBD24another dimensionxHBDfH25 Well, youxHBDfH26E6 never returnedxHBDfH27 oh, youxHBDfH28B know what I meanxHBDfH29 I wentxHBDfH30F#6 looking for youxHBDfH31E6 are youxHBDfH32B gone gonexHBDfH33xHBDfH34E6 Down by the oceanxHBDfH35F#6 it was so dismalxHBDfH36E6 women all standing with shockxHBDfH37F#6 on their facesxHBDfH38E6 sad descriptions, butxHBDfH39E6/F# oh, I was looking forxHBDfH40B youxHBDxH413x1,2B E6 D6xHBDfHBD423BxHBDxH43(2:56) E6 never to returnxHBDxH44E6/F# into my arms cause you werexHBDxH45B gone gonexHBDxH46xHBDxH47E6 Never to returnxHBDxH48E6/F# into my arms cause you werexHBDxH49B gone gonexHBDxH50B E6 D6xHFTBDFTFTFTBD51B gone gonexHBDxH52B E6 D6xHFTBDFTFTFTBD53B gone gonexHBDxH54B E6 D6 GoodxHBDxHBD55B bye