Paul Anka - Hello Jim Chords

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Verse 1

Hello Jim,

what do you say.

Remember my love,

that I lost her yesterday.

Verse 2

Hey tell me Jim,

what's new with you.

You found an-other girl,

well I hope she'll be true.

Chorus 1

Jim, you can't trust them,

and don't even try.

Or you'll lose her like I did,

to some other guy.

Chorus 2

Keep one eye on her,

and the other on him.

I speak as a buddy,

I'm telling you, Jim

Verse 3

Tell me pal,

what's your girl's name.

That's very funny,

'cause my girl's was the same.


| |%

Is her last name Jones,

| |%

from the West End of town.

/ (Break)

Yeah, thanks a lot Jim,

see you a-round. (Goodbye, Jim,)

/ (Break)

(goodbye, Jim, O - h.)