Paul Thorn - Joanie The Jehovahs Withness Stripper Chords

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She drives a new car, wears expensive blouses

She tells her mama, she’s cleanin’ houses

She goes out witnessing, doin’ the Lords work all week

But on the weekends, she’s makin’ ends meet



the Jehovah’s witness stripper

Put a dollar in her G-string… and she’ll deliver

If her daddy only knew, he’d probably kill her

Joanie… the Jehovah’s witness stripper

One night down at the club, her daddy walked in

He didn’t recognize, his daughter dancin’

She wore a blonde wig, he had sun-glasses

When she got naked, he started clappin’




If you ask her why she does it, she looks at it this way

She says I’m countin’ all my blessings, every night when I get paid

She once lived in poverty, now everything’s alright

The Lord showed her how to make a thousand dollars in a night