Paul Wilbur - Seven Ways To Praise The Lord Chords

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Sometimes when I'm feeling down

And the devil comes around

I start to make a joyful sound

That he cannot ig nore

It's a heavenly idea

Guaranteed to make him flee-yah

Perfect panacea

Seven ways to praise the Lord


TODAH - sacrifice of praise

YADAH - let your hands be raised

BAROUCH- with a quiet voice

HALLEL - let your soul rejoice

ZAMAR - play for Him a song

TEHILLAH - you can sing along

SHABACH - shout for joy!

That's seven ways to praise the Lord


Congregation gone to sleep

Sermon must have been too deep

Pitiful sight, but at least

They're all in one accord

Sunday services are very

Much like any cemetery

Someone ought to tell them

Seven ways to praise the Lord


Calypso Chorus itemizes

What the scriptures emphasizes

Seven holy exercises

That magnify the Lord

So practice each one faithfully

And very soon you're sure to see

That you have found a hundred

Brand-new ways to praise the Lord!