Standard (EADGBE)


Difficult Chords : (X=> Don't play that String,0=>Open String)

Other Chords : In case you don't know the other shouldn't dare to play Pink Floyd!


Heav-en sent the prom---ised land. Looks all right-from where I stand,

'cause I'm the man---the out--side look-ing in.

Wait-ing on the first----step,show me where the key is kept.

Point me down the right line,be-cause it's time---

to let me in--from the cold.--Turn my Lead--in-to gold,--

'cause there's a chill wind blow-in' in--my--soul,

and I think I'm grow-ing cold.


Fire_bright by can--dle--light_ and her by my side.

Or if she pre-fres, we need ne--ver stir a--gain.

Some-one sent the prom--ised land. Oh,--I grabbed_it with both hands.

Now I'm the man on the in-side---look-ing out.

Hear me shout.--Come on in. What's the news?--Where you been?

'Cause there's no--wind left in--my soul,and I've--grown old.

Flash the read-ies. Wot's...uh the deal? Got to make it to the next meal.

Try to keep---up with the turn--ing of------the wheel.

Mile after mile,stone af--ter stone, you turn to speak,--but you're alone.

Mil-lion miles from home,----you're on----your own.

So let me in---from the cold. Turn my lead--in-to gold,

'cause there's a chill wind blow-in' in my soul, and I think I'm grow-ing cold.


Note : Do NOT change anything as these are the exact chords/lyrics/chord shapes used.