Standard (EADGBE)

, , picking(tab above) (x2)

If I had a jet pack,

I'd circle into space,

with roller-blades on my feet

and pencils in my hands.

But skating on the moon

is better in the morning,

and I feel better when

I am drawing

So I'll draw myself a picture

a rainbow tailed dinosaur

and I'll put him in a bowl

and fill the bowl with milk

suddenly everything

seems so much calmer

cats wearing bow ties

having tea with a llama

seems great

, , picking(tab above) (x2)

and even though I'm running late

to such a rad party

I don't seem to mind that

it's already started.

My attire isn't fitting

I think there was a theme

I must have misplaced the invitation

that explained everything

so I fire up the jet-pack

and head back home

but when I arrive to my dismay

all my friends have gone

oh no I think to myself

I'll draw up some more

but all my pencils are broken

and I left my paper on the moon

what a disaster

, , picking(tab above) (x4)