eBGDAD1Intro=8344234567891011121314VerseCareful not to fall6334315316Have to climb your wall3343417'Cause you're the one who makes me feel much4186666319taller than you are636320686421422I'm just a peeping tom6666323On my own for far too long32433436253326Problems with the blues 334332728nothing left to loose334342930ChorusI'm weightless4643132I'm bare433334I'm faithless4443536I'm scared343738Verse 2Face that fills a hole633433940Stole my broken soul3343441One that makes me seem to feel much taller than4426666343 you are636344686445446I'm just a peeping tom6666347On my own for far too long34833436493350Troubles with the gear334335152Nothing left to fear334345354ChorusI'm weightless4645556I'm bare435758I'm faithless4445960I'm scared346162I'm weightless4846364I'm bare965866I'm faithless4446768I'm scared3469Verse 3With every bet I lost470633437172Every trick I tossed3343473474You're still the one666 who makes me feel much taller than you are6375636376686477I'm just a peeping tom4786666379380On my own for far too long33436813382Problems with the blues334338384Nothing left to lose334348586ChorusI'm weightless4648788I'm bare438990I'm faithless4449192I'm scared349394I'm weightless4849596I'm bare997898I'm faithless44499100I'm scared34101102I'm weightless484103104I'm bare91058106I'm faithless444107108I'm scared34109110