Standard (EADGBE)

Your basic 2-chord progression. Strum to the rhythm. Play them open for the

intro, and then roll it back to single palm-muted notes for the verses.

Open power chords.

Then this tasty little lick to transition into the chorus.

Simple power chords will suffice. I'll synch this up with the lyrics to give

you a better feel for the rhythm.

I'm gonna drive and never ever slow down

I'm gonna drive until I break down

I'm packing my things and getting outta this town

I'm gonna drive until I break down.

The backing chords for the bridge and solo are the same as the verse.

The solo is a total Nirvana pretty much just follows the vocal

pattern of the verses.

Then back into the chorus.

That's pretty much all the parts. There are some little harmonics and other

accentuations that I didn't bother tabbing. Hope it works out for y'all.

Garrett Sales.