Plumb - Phobic Chords

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I watched you sit alone

I watched you cry your eyes out

Now tell me what you've done

is it so bad that

I would shut you out

And leave you here alone

Yes, I saw what you did

I was right there with you

I won't let you sink

No, I forgive you



Don't be

Grace needs a little more freedom


Don't be

Love needs room to breathe

II.(same chords with the 1st stanza)

I have watched you grow

And I've stood in your shadow

I've never walked away

I hung the stars and

I hold your heart

So, don't ever be afraid

Yes, I know when you breathe

And I feel when you need

I won't let you sink

No, I forgive you

You can be healed

You can be free


You can know peace

Never be afraid again

Never be afraid

Never be afraid

He's here

This is from a original tab from arabella pagaling, but the chords were different

than the soundtracks. so i tabbed the original song from the soundtrack. enjoy