eBGDAE1Intro=75442345VerseI'm running424looking for the one thing4442206Oh7to5feel4complete247Track record424wasn't what4442you2heard08Oh7beneath57my5feet4And it449keeps coming back with the same old ending9979979997I'm(9)10sure that(7)(7)I've(7)been(7)here(7)before(5)(4)Oh4I411push and I'll try9979and I97keep9on9sending97I'm(9)12sure that(7)(7)I(7)can(7)push(7)or(5)more(4)13ChorusI need something7772just7to7get7me214I need something7772to get me by9111115I need something7772just to protect me7777216All I want all I need7997997And they7717Versekeep9pointing back with the same old fingers97997999718Why won't they just(7)(7)(7)(7)let(7)me(5)be?(4)Oh the11919longer they stay9979oh the longer they linger979999720now,4And it9921feel it coming around like I'm never gonna99979979999get enough911722And that's(12)(12)not(12)good(12)enough(14)(12)And I7723knew from the start that997997this was gonna be all tough9999911724now,4now!71225ChorusI need something7772just7to7get7me226I need something7772to get me by9111127I need something7772just to protect me7777228All I want all I need799799729Chorus 2I need something7772just7to7get7me230I need something7772to get me by9111131I need something7772just to protect me7777232All I want all I need799799733BridgeAll I want all I need799799All I want all I need79979934I11need to get111111this7now7435ChorusI need something7772just7to7get7me236I need something7772to get me by9111137I need something7772just to protect me7777238All I want all I need799799739Chorus 2I need something7772just7to7get7me240I need something7772to get me by9111141I need something7772just to protect me7777242All I want all I need799799743Chorus 3I need something7772just7to7get7me244I need something7772to get me by9111145I need something7772just to protect me7777246All I want all I need79979947Outro74849505152535455565758Change tuning (R)