Proud Mary - Dont It All Look Ugly Chords

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Made myself a Story, Drowned me to the Bone

But I knew where i was going to, Was gonna get myself back home

Made myself a Promise, swore I'de never look back

I put In the miles, It's sure been a while since I layed down my first track

Riff 1


Riff 1

Don't It all look Ugly, When your Down...yeah yeah yeah


But It won't be Slowing, around and Round, down the road, down the road yeah yeah


Got my mind Workin, sure did over-time

Well I got to feel, I was hot on the heel, to a place to call all mine

Well it maybe a Beutiful city at night, on a seven four seven it looks alright

When your down and low It's why you gotta go I Gotta get right back to you yeah

Riff 1

Chorus with Down the Road repeated 4 times

End on G