eBGDAE1intro (1)=9544234567891011122413Intro (2)441415161718192021222324Kill me with a beat25Intro (3)2627282930313233Verse (1)Some people seem to think they999999934always know what's best for you9999710835Their little minds try to 999999936create a world to keep you still9999712937The bolt is thrown, the cage is999999938locked, you saw this, don't you lie9999710839At first you cry and then you 999999940hate those people stole your will...999912141241Pre-Chorus (1)Do as you are told and maybe1210101212121042then we'll let you out1010101212you1243might be dead and cold12101012124445Don't try to escape cuz you don't 1210101212121046have nowhere to go1010101212If1247nothing is your fate...12101012124849Chorus (1)Do you call my name121212111150Do you stain my brain121212111151My eyes are blurry and I can't 121211119991152see you anymore1210121212953Do you call my name121212111154Do you breed my pain121212111155My heart is bloody and I can't 121211119991156take it anymore1210121212957Verse (2)So you just sit there, stuck, a -999999958fraid to risk re - al - ity9999710859Afraid to cause yourself more 999999960pain, to face insanity9999712961But nothing ventured, nothing 999999962gained you see your fear's your cage9999710863You beg for help but you're a -999999964lone, stuck in a helpless rage999912141265Pre-Chorus (2)Do as you are told and maybe1210101212121066 then we'll let you out1010101212You1267might be dead and cold, you might be121010121210101068full of doubt...97769Don't try to escape cuz you don't 1210101212121070have nowhere to go1010101212noth -1271ing is your fate... there's no sce -121010121212121272nar - i - o119973Bridge74It's775me91076I777See910797879Please5780Let me out I'm petrified...8182838485868788892490Pre-Chorus (Final)Do as you are told and maybe121010121212104491 then we'll let you out1010101212You1292might be dead and cold, you might be121010121212121293full of doubt...119994Don't try to escape cuz you don't 1210101212121095have nowhere to go1010101212Noth -1296ing is your fate... 12101012129798Chorus (Final)Do you call my name121212111199Do you stain my brain1212121111100My eyes are blurry and I can't 1212111199911101see you anymore12101212129102Do you call my name1212121111103Do you breed my pain1212121111104My heart is bloody and I can't 1212111199911105take it anymore12101212129106Do you call my name1212121111107Do you stain my brain1212121111108My eyes are blurry and I can't 1212111199911109see you anymore12101212129110Do you call my name1212121111111Do you breed my pain1212121111112My heart is bloody and I can't 1212111199911113take it anymore12101212129114Change tuning (R)