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eBGDAE1=6064234567811997119107119111154125131415This is just a nightmare9997121116Soon I'm gonna wake 55553217upSomeone's gonna bring me around555532180Running from the bombers9997121119Hiding in the forest55553220Running through the field55553221Laying flat on the ground555532220Just like everybody9997121123Standing overhead55553224Running from the under55553225ground04426This 4is2your …1…warning272Four Minute4282war - ning1292643031I dont want to hear it9997121132I dont want to know55553233I just want to run and 55553234hide0This is just a nightmare9997121135Soon I'm gonna wake up55553236Someone's gonna bring me around5555323704438This4is2a war - ning1392Four440minute2war - …1…ning41242
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