eBGDAE1Sepan apreciar este Tab...=1234423Synth Intro4Me costó un huevo sacar todo de oído56789En especial los sintetizadores de Jonny10Bass and Drums111213141516171819202122232425There's a gap5826Verse10in the…85…between27And there's a gap where535628We meet5329Where I End13530And You3131Begin332333And I'm sorry for us10108345The…3…Dinosaurs35555roamed the earth55536the sky turns green565373Where I End13538And You3139Begin340Pre Second Verse3414243(Four)44(Five)45(Six)46(7)I'm up in884710the clouds101048VerseI'm up in10131349the clouds121250And I can't12101251And I Can't131052Come down885354I can watch but no101213551213Take part151256Where i end12101257Where you start12131058Where you88You8859Left Me alone865605YOU LEFT ME…655…ALONE61Guitar Part562636465666768X will mark121269X will mark the placethe12place121370Like parting1213121071the waves101272Like a house10121673Falls in the sea161615157475In13The1276Synth PartSea157778798081828384Bass858687888990919293949596979899I3100I will eat you all aliveWill eat you all alive I13111113101Will eat you all alive I13111113102Will eat you all alive1333333I3103Will eat you all alive133333There'll33104Be no more lies31313There'll3105Be no more lies31313There'll3106Be no more lies31313There'll3107Be no more lies313133I3108Will eat you all alive I13111113109Will eat you all alive I13111113110Will eat you all alive I13333333111Will eat you all alive133333There'll33112Be no more lies31313There'll3113There'll be no more liesBe no more lies31313There'll3114Be no more lies31313There'll3115Be no more lies313133I3116Will eat you all alive I13111113117Will eat you all alive I13111113118Will eat you all alive I13333333119Will eat you all alive133333There'll33120Be no more lies31313There'll3121Be no more lies31313There'll3122Be no more lies31313There'll3123Be no more lies313133I3124Will eat you all alive I=1101311113125Will eat you all alive I1311113126Will eat you all alive131111Coming Soon :127128"We Suck Young Blood"129