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eBGDAE1Intro=102I resent you calling124214423I resent your voice1244245I resent that I1242(4)6Don't have a choice244(2)7891st VerseAnywhere I go124211011You are always there124421213Outside the car142(4)14Or in my hair (or head?)244(2)151617Pre 2nd Verse18192021222324252nd VerseI think I've been here before1244212627Yes I've been here before1244422829The last time you locked2142(4)30All the doors1112313233(Jonny's Riff)And I resent you calling124213435I resent your voice124423637I resent that I1242(4)38don't have a choice...144239YES I AM5440Chorus!!!24142(wary...)2443Yes I5444Am!24546Breakahh(6)½½½4748Pre 3rd Verse49505152535455563rd VerseI think I've told you once124215758I think I needed advice1244225960You were such a help1242(4)61That's very nice1112626364(Jonny's Riff again)I think I've been here before1244216566Yes I've been here before1244426768But this time I kick2142(4)69Down your door!!411270Yes I5471Last Chorusam !!27273waaaaaaaaaaaaary2474Yes5I475am27677ooooooooohh767879Solo8081828384858687888990919293949596979899100101102103104105106107108109110111Change tuning (R)