Ralph Stanley - Pretty Little Miss In The Garden Chords

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Verse 1

Pretty little miss out in the garden

Strange young man came riding by

Down at the gate he did address her

Saying pretty little miss won't you marry me

Verse 2

Oh no my love is on the ocean

Seven years out on the sea

And if he sails seven years longer

No man on earth can marry me

Verse 3

Perhaps your loved one he is drownded

Perhaps he's in some battle land

Perhaps he stole some girl and married

You'll never see you love again

Verse 4

If he is drownded I hope he's happy

Or if he's in some battle land

Or if he stole some girl and married

I'll love the girl that married him

Verse 5

He pulled his hands out of of his pocket

His fingers being keen and small

This is a ring he placed upon her

Down by his feet she did fall

Verse 6

He picked her up in arms so tender

Kisses he gave her one, two, three

This is your little single soldier

Returning home to marry thee