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eBGDAE1Hold the 7th & 13th Frets The E & C Notes While Scraping up for the A.H.!=1381st part of Scrape44234Don't Pick the 21st Fret Notes Before the A.H. Use the Edge of the pick softly to Slide up Quickly!2nd part of the Scrape5let ringA.H.67Bar the 3rd fret as Dead Notes before you Start the Pick Scrape & End at the 4th Frets!21211378XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX333333339Start the Scrape Just after the Bridge Pickup. Your Pickup Selection Should be set to the Bridge!4th Part of Scrape22425242102545254011Scrape the Pick on it's Edge Vertically Up/Down Also Bounce & Push Into the Fretboard with5th Part of Slide22425242122545254013the Pick While You Scrape Down the Neck!224252421425452540152242524216320001220
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