Randy Stonehill - Dont Be Sad Chords

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Verse 1

I see the light has left your eyes my friend

and your smile looks so tired to me

Did you lose sight of your simple faith

and start thinking that you can't be free?

As long as there's a God in heaven

well, that's not the way it has to be


Oh, no, don't be sad, one more day

Don't be sad, one more day

Love is here, here to stay

Don't be sad, one more day

Verse 2

Now we all cry so many useless tears

over heartaches we can't forget

and it's a crime to waste our precious time

shackled by those old regrets

Yesterday is gone forever

and tomorrow hasn't happened yet

repeat CHORUS

Verse 3

Do you recall, when we were barefoot boys

and the oak tree was so grand and high?

and we climbed up to the very top

'cause we wanted to touch the sky

I still believe we're meant to do that

you just got to have the faith to try, try