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eBGDAE1=1254423456789Riff 1101112Aaron: I813Verse 1never felt too good7101012101014but in this world who would?101010121015I was always thinking121010121210something101216wasn't right8128But817then you came along and7101010121018help me sing a song1010101214and now I10101219Feel ok10910I hope12 (Scott Harmony)1020610it can stay !!!59121021This way101222Chorus 1(Harmony) You know we got a91089101089101291023good thing going579101012910and I9105724don't wanna91091097see it end . . .10101012101025(Scott Harmony)26You know891010we got a89101291027good thing going579101012910and I91091028don't wanna1312101089see it end !!!8108981029Aaron:Are these the good days71012930Bridge 110that I, heard so…107…much about?3110101012(Scott Harmony)1057910There goes the heart break10128932910910910that I can5733 live without812814510Ohhh !!!9¼12full91034Riff 2353637Aaron: I838Verse 2been so fustrated71010121039bitter, mean and jaded101010121040I take it for granted all the12101012121010(Scott Harmony)1241 things I got8871258but842now that you are here this7101010121043anger dissapears1010101214and I feel1010 (Scott…12…Harmony) happy too44101089910This is71251045something fun !!!61059121046It's true!101247Chorus 2(Harmony) You know we got a91089101089101291048good thing going579101012910and I9105749don't wanna91091097see it end . . .10101012101050(Scott Harmony)51You know891010we got a89101291052good thing going579101012910and I91091053don't wanna1312101089see it end !!!8108981054Aaron:Are these the good days71012955Bridge 210that I, heard so…107…much about?561010101210710There goes the heart break12957101010that I can758 live without121410(Scott Harmony) Are these the good days57910101289595½10 that I, heard so…107…much about?601010101210(Harmony)57910There goes the heart break1012896113121010that I can7621312live . . . without131010763Breakdown64(Scott Harmony) Heart bre - ea - ea- eak1079106577101010866I57can910live without131212149106768 heart break107(Harmony)…1069heart break101077910I can live10101010131270with1214Live without !!!131212½12full121291071Octave Solo727374757677787980Chorus 3(Harmony) You know we got a89101089101291081good thing going579101012910and I9105782don't wanna91091097see it end . . .10101012101083(Scott Harmony)84You know891010we got a89101291085good thing going579101012910and I91091086don't wanna1312101089see it end !!!8108981087Aaron:Are these the good71012988Chorus 4days?1089Are these the good days?7101299010fullye - ea - eah - eah . . .109121091Are these the good1212101492days?1293Are these the good121210149410fullda - y - eee - ays?109121095yeah13yea - e- eah!1091096Chorus 597yeah13yea - e- eah!1091098Woooo!12½99yeah13yea - e- eah!10910100No, no, no, no910910101no, nooo, no - o, no91091210102103104Outro Chorus(Harmony) You know we got a891010891012910105good thing going579101012910and I91057106don't wanna91091097see it end . . .101010121010107(Scott Harmony)108You know891010we got a891012910109good thing going579101012910and I910910110don't wanna1312101089see it end !!!81089810111
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