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eBGDAE1Intro=98442345678VerseWhere am I!?5699Where are you?57910There's so much time so little to do55659411544512Busy doing nothing cause it's vanity we prize54555664135757514You can't see nothing cause 556564515You can't see through your eyes.5445616They're covered with a film,65456517you're blinded by yourself.65457518You're the one to blame 65656but you pretend it's someone else. 519644444520Bridge21222324ChorusLife could you be a little softer to me.554255555452627285Life could you be 554295a more gentle to me.55745303132Softer5433Softeeer57534Softer5435Softer to me55436Bridge253738394041424344VerseI'm still alive.256945That much is true257946I've never lied, well, I guess I've told a few.556594475445448There's nothing to see55545cause I brought…64…nothing to show.495757544550The Coversation got so deep54545(4)5I shrug…4…and tell you I' don't know.515445652This life can get so hard65456553this world can be so cruel,65457554Sometimes I fall apart 656565I feel555just like a useless tool.64444556Bridge57585960ChorusLife could you be 554615a little softer to me.555456263645Life could you be a more gentle to me.55465555745666768InterludeYeah I know74569let ring70this is a selfish plea77779771Because Christ 99729sacrificed (19)(16)(17)73his 474flesh on the cross for me4404577576But this world is hard5557775It's cruel and I wish it could be...5784404577980End ChorusSofter5481Softeer57582Softer5483Softer to me55484Outro5858687888990919293949596979899100101102Change tuning (R)
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