Standard (EADGBE)

Changin' my life

With your love

Has been so ea-sy for you

And I'm a-mazed

Every day

And I'll need you

Until the moun-tains are val-leys

And every o-cean is dry...My love


I'll be your until the sun doesn't shine

Till time stands still

Until the winds don't blow

When today is just a mem'ry to me...I know

I'll still be lov-in'

I'll still be lov-in' you

I'll still be lovin' you

(2nd verse)

Never before

Did I know

How loving someone could be

Now I can see

You and me

For a lifetime

Until the last moon is rising

You'll see the love in my love




I'll still be lovin'

I'll still be lovin'

I'll still be lovin' you

(repeat and fade)